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Providers of Software Solutions for Linux and Windows since 2001.

The DaTaPaX website is currently undergoing a major reimplementation. In the meantime, some of our free and open source software is available below.


RatSlap - Linux configuration tool (remap buttons) for the Logitech G300/G300s mouse

Medregator - A simple media aggregator (podcatcher) for downloading podcasts and vidcasts etc

murmurd-smfauth - A simple script to authenticate a murmur server, using an SMF (forum) database

halmount - A simple script for mounting and unmounting using HAL (via DBUS)

iview-dl - A simple script for downloading ABC iView videos

vimeo-dl - A simple script to download videos from Vimeo

dentthis - A simple script to post to instances of (a microblogging (uBlog) service) such as

loremipsum - A simple script to generate Lorem Ipsum like text.

countdups - A simple script to count duplicate (optionally sequential) lines in a stream or file(s)

youtube-url - A simple script to parse various YouTube URLs

gamesonnet-dl - Downloader for files from (Internode's Game files server)

DaTaPaX Legacy Applications (no longer developed, but still useful)


Mirror of various random things


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