DentTHIS --- A simple script to post to instances of (a microblogging (uBlog) service) such as


DentTHIS is a simple script to post to an instance of (a microblogging (uBlog) service).

Features include:


DentTHIS is just a python2 script and therefore only requires python (version 2.x).

Having said that, it has only been tested in Linux (and only ArchLinux at that).

Use Case

Here is an example of using DentTHIS to post a comment, namely linking to itself (how meta!)


dentthis Posting to about my command line denting tool, dentthis, at

On success, you should see output like this:

Posted: Posting to about my command line denting tool, dentthis, at

NOTE: If the string length was larger than the specified maximum message length, dentthis could have used ln-s to shorten the URL automatically.


Download DentTHIS v0.06
( MD5SUM: 7d50d009351bf5455ba1049b58ea6c54 )
( SHA256SUM: 5b90d8e6bb1f141c000b051c30c0f039cacad6b823f3bc51641edd25da17f1e6 )

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