iview-dl --- A simple script for downloading ABC iView videos.


iview-dl is a simple script to facilitate easier downloading of ABC iView content. This is useful where your connection speed isn't fast enough to stream it live, or your hardware is somewhat limited and therefore too slow using the conventional Flash system provided.


iview-dl is just a bash script and therefore only requires bash, wget, xsltproc (libxslt) and rtmpdump

Having said that, it has only been tested in Linux (and only ArchLinux at that).


Download iview-dl v0.03
( MD5SUM: 91d0a0f287efd762eace055d22a6b9d8 )

Aspect Ratio

You will notice that the flv files that are downloaded are 640x480 resolution but lack any aspect ratio information. This means that when played the videos will appear stretched vertically. To get around this WITHOUT re-encoding, you can simply repackage the video data so that it will play at a corrected resolution of 852x480 (1.777 aspect ratio).

Re-packaging can be done using ffmpeg to create a new file with a package compatible with the video data and having the aspect ratio stored in it like so:

ffmpeg \
    -i INPUT_FILE.flv \
    -acodec copy \
    -vcodec copy \
    -aspect 16:9 \
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