Medregator --- The simple media aggregator (podcatcher | podcast / vidcast downloader)


Medregator (formally PodMeUp) is a simple media aggregator (sometimes referred to as a podcatcher). It is used to subscribe to podcast or vidcast feeds and download new content when available allowing you to easily access your favourite podcast or vidcast whenever you choose.

Medregator is designed for quick and easy use, leaving the power in the users hands. It has no GUI, and is controlled by simple command line arguments.

Features include:


Medregator is just a bash script and therefore only requires bash, wget and xsltproc (libxslt).

Having said that, it has only been tested in Linux (and only ArchLinux at that).

Use Case

Here is an example of using Medregator to retrieve the cast Shot Of Jaq. This particular cast offers both MP3 and OGG formats however their RSS feed containing the episodes only lists the MP3s. We therefore use the SED option to change the URLs prior to retrieval.


medregator -a -T Shot_Of_Jaq -D ShotOfJaq -S 's/mp3$/ogg/'

Broken down this is:

On success, nothing will be output but a new directory will be created in your Medregator directory. This directory will have the name ShotOfJaq (as specified with -D earlier). Inside this directory will be a few files that are needed by Medregator:

Now we can simply add the following command to crontab or run it periodically at our leasure to ensure this feed is up to date:

medregator -d ShotOfJaq

This tells Medregator to download any new episodes for ShotOfJaq. You can specify one or more show's directories or if omitted, Medregator will retrieve new episodes of ALL subscribed feeds.

The output of the above command would look something like this:

Last Update: Fri Jun 18 14:43:30 EST 2010
FEED_DESC: Ten minutes of short, sharp, informed, and funny comment about the open source world
FEED_ENC_SED: s/mp3$/ogg/
FEED_BUILDDATE: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 17:39:18 +0000

(Resume) Download: 'shotofjaq_theindierevolution.ogg' at 1024K...
Complete: 'shotofjaq_theindierevolution.ogg'
Download: 'shotofjaq_theperfect10hostedwebapps.ogg' at 1024K...
Complete: 'shotofjaq_theperfect10hostedwebapps.ogg'
Download: 'shotofjaq_outwiththeold.ogg' at 1024K...

Here we can also see that one episode hadn't finished downloading so it was resumed. Files are appended with .part whilst they are downloading. Once they have completed, they are renamed correctly and added to the feed.done file.


Download Medregator v0.16
( MD5SUM: dc1065c508369623639e502df9ef95e9 )


Medregator's User-Agent is:

Medregator/VERSION ( KERNELVER; Media Aggregator/PodCatcher - podcast/vidcast retriever; )

Where VERSION is the version number and KERNELVER is the Kernel name, eg:

Medregator/0.16 ( Linux; Media Aggregator/PodCatcher - podcast/vidcast retriever; )

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